Brazilian Carnival

About Brazilian Carnival

When people think of Brazilian Carnival, they typically think of the Carnival in Rio, but Carnival is celebrated all over Brazil. The Brazilian Carnival is an annual festival held during the Friday until the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. From Street Parties to Costumes and Parades, each region in Brazil celebrates Carnival a different way. You may be asking yourself, Which Brazilian Carnivals are the best ones??? The two most popular Brazilian Carnivals are Carnival in Rio de Janeiro & Carnival in Salvador, Bahia (Northeast Brazil).

Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Why Travel to Rio for Carnival?

  • Carnival Parade is Greatest Show on Earth
  • Free Street Parties
  • Rio has some of the World’s Best Beaches
  • Sightseeing – Christ Statue & Sugarloaf
  • The euphoric and passionate Locals
  • Exclusive Carnival Parties & Balls
  • The Samba Music

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Salvador Carnival

Salvador Carnival

Why Travel to Salvador for Carnival?

  • Considered the Largest Street Party in the World
  • Most Popular Carnival for Brazilians
  • Exclusive Camarote Parties
  • Best Beaches in Northeast of Brazil
  • The People – Laid-back, Party Animals
  • Party Atmosphere – Wildest Carnival in Brazil
  • The Axé Music

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